Thursday, March 12, 2009

fresh waters...

I woke today feeling special
Knowing that under this tree sits a maid
I smiled when I looked to the sky
Because I thought it glowed brightly
I thought about yesterday
But most importantly I hoped in today
I am sure time will tell me how
And destiny will show me when
My hands are linked to magic
I have smeared my heart in strawberry
Unlike the others,
I have no name for this
I feel I should call it nothing
I touch the arms of our legion
And I feel the sweet wanders of today
Please don't make me dizzy again
I asked nicely that he may stop the spin
Spontaneously I move to each line
Yet so certain of every step
I tried to carve out a figure
But my mind eluded me
And I still feel no regrets
For what joy I should have known
When still I feel you
When sick I know not how
But the truth is that Beautiful young people are accidents of nature.

under the sun,
a task is re-written,
built in an impeccable statute of you,
the difference unopined,
though the storm may heave,but not a sigh,
the moon has left a shed...a light,
the morning is awaiting your definition...
the night waits to give you the perfect shade,
if only...
the task is done...
........................fortune de excel

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