Tuesday, March 17, 2009

poems form the fountain top...

back to my root...

What is globalisation

A culturalisation

I mean glocalisation

..uh, all I know is

Ba tu ranchi!
Dreams and the river
love and the goddess
time and its' calling
they tell me of you

Life and its' story
birds and their freedom
songs' and their wisdom
they tell me of you

Lands and their people
roads and their journey
flowers and their scents
they tell me of you

Stars and the universe
poems and their verse
laughter and its' bliss
they tell me of you

Death and its' birth
eyes and their sight
heaven and the fountain
they tell me of you

Some believe in revolution

Others believe in automation

And yet some in colonization

Mmm all I know is

Back to my roots

Yes back to my root

And sit by the roots

While I pick up the tools

I left before, for the schools
When shall we sound that so called gong
and sing the song our fathers once sung
i wonder if we would ever see
or live long enough to ever be
and then in one way or the other
stop being afraid of one thing or the other
fear of war,fear of hunger
fear of danger,fear of one another
i wish i knew how it feels to be free
free from all the fears i have known and seen
that i shall one day walk on the street
without the fear of the unseen
would that day ever come
a question that makes us wait for yet another dawn
that we shall eat,talk and sleep without ill feeling
and know in our hearts that we are not dreaming
shall we have to pay a price?
perhaps love each other as much as twice
and have no hate for each other
watch our backs for we are brothers
forget the misdeed we've done to each other.
it is true the gods are not to blame,
tell Agwu, Akingbade and Audu the same
until we wake up to know we are all the same,
we would never be able to fill up that space
so let us all come together in peace
and then,only then shall we be free
only then shall we be able to sound tha gong
that long talked GONG OF FREEDOM.
.................................................fortune de excel.

gong of freedom...

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