Monday, March 16, 2009

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in my opinion, poetry has a different definition to everybody. some, give you the facts, others, give you this deep thought about life, love and lust. and the rest don't care, so they tell you it's a bunch of Rhyme-y Words. in my point of view, poetry is something a person must dig deep down inside for. they have to understand themselves, and, be willing to learn more about themselves. poetry is an art only a handful of people are born with, and a world full of people who could learn. a person must summon all of their deepest emotions from within, and, bring them to life. you have to feel all of your heartache, love, longing, hatred, and sadness, again and again, and again. each time you write a piece of poetry, you must love all of your body, mind and soul, and trust that it will love you back. poetry doesn't have to rhyme, it doesn't have to flow. it may have to in a competition, but, in life, everything around you could be poetry. when you look at a mother a nd child smiling at each other, that is poetry. when a loved one dies and you are left with heartbreak, that is poetry. the true defanition of poetry is life. hope this helps

sometimes people misinterprete the essnce of poetry for phil..

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